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Manufacturing with NAV 2013(/15 incl. Update to 2015)

Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (incl. Update to 2015)
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The Manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has existed for almost 17 years. A quick estimate says that around 10% of the about 100.000 installed Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions use the Manufacturing solution. Despite this there are almost no literature on the subject.



My ambition with this book is to make “The Book” on Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The book that all customers running the Manufacturing module and all consultants, both new and experienced, will need to setup and maintain the system. Since the functionality of the manufacturing module hasn’t changed much the last 10 years and the development on the subject is slow. The book will cover all versions from 4.0 up to NAV 2013.




The book is to be used either as a setup guide for implementing a new system or as a handbook for later adjustments. The table of contents follow the implementation tasks as they would fall in an implementation of a new manufacturing system.


Target Audience


- End-user customers who are going to implement the manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV


- New consultants needing to up their skills around manufacturing are the main audience.


- End-user customers who are already running the manufacturing module in the company will need it for the daily maintenance of their system, since there are no other material on the market.


-And lastly experienced consultants needs it for adjusting running manufacturing solutions.


Upgrading manufacturing to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015


> There has been quite a few requests for a successor to my previous book: “Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV”. I have been deep into the code and decided that there are not enough improvements to justify rewriting to whole book, make new screenshots, proofreading and so on.




I have therefore made a whitepaper that is an amendment to my previous book “Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV” and it fills the gap between the manufacturing module of Dynamics NAV 2013, which the book was based on and the newest Dynamics NAV 2015. The whitepaper is a mix between hardcore functional changes in the Dynamics NAV 2015 application, inspirational uses of the new user experience enhancements and a couple of “aha-experiences” I have had, working with the manufacturing module in real life.


The whitepaper is included in the download



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